Utopia Body Piercing Prices

Price of piercing depends on the jewellery used. We
use Titanium rings (BCRs), barbells, bananabells,
single jewelled, double jewelled, and PVC Gold.
Please ask for price differences.

Navel Piercing £30-45    
Nipple Piercing £30-45    
Eyebrow Piercing £30-40    
Ear Piercing (lobe or rim) £20-25    
Lip Piercing £30-40    
Septum Piercing £30-35    
Tongue Piercing (includes one free piece of jewellery) £45    
Rook, Diath, Conch (various inner cartilage piercings) £30-45    
Scaffold Piercing £40    
Surface Piercing £35    
Tragus Piercing £25-40    
Piercing with Gun      
Ear Lobe (per stud) £5    
Top of Ear (per stud) £10.99    
Instant Tunnel (4 or 5mm) £45    
Genital Piercing (male and female) £40-60    
Discounts are available for multiple piercings.      

The Home of Body Piercing


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50 London Road


Hemel Hempstead




Inportant things to remember with all fresh piercings:


NEVER handle with dirty hands.


DON’T wear constrictive clothing or allow
repeated bumping and knocking of the jewellery
as this will prolong the healing process and can
cause jewellery to ‘grow out’ or migrate


If you ever have any problems, worries, questions or
suggestions on how we could improve our service,
please let us know!